Why Did Africa’s Richest Woman Stop Wearing Expensive Jewelry & Hair Extension? (Video)

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    The name Folorunsho Alakija is certainly not strange to many Nigerians and most Africans. At the age of 70, she has achieved a feat that will always be the gold standard among women across the globe.

    The renowned oil, fashion, printing, and real estate mogul is the richest woman in Africa, boasting a net worth of 1 billion Naira as of 2020. Interestingly, Alakija is not only leading the pack in business but also in fashion. She is undoubtedly one of the most fashionable high society women in Nigeria who is also known for her impeccable style for hair extensions and jewelry.

    Sadly, she can’t rock these things anymore, and many have been wondering why she appeared in her pictures plain with minimal makeup, zero gold jewelry, nail extension and hair wigs. Well, Alakija finally opened up on why she stopped wearing gold and expensive jewelry in November of 2021, during the Amazing Grace Pentecostal Church 25th anniversary. She talked about how it was not her will but the will of God that she stopped wearing these worldly ornaments. And she got this conviction through a strange event that almost caused her to lose her earlobes. Apostle Alakija, as she is now known, has never hidden her relationship with God. However, these new revelations on how God forced her to stop wearing jewelry has got many curious about her walk with God and how it all started.

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