“Why Is It Only The Woman’s Face Showing” – Leaked Tiwa Savage Sex Tape-Like Onboard Flight Trends

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A n unidentified wonder man who was captured fingering his lover, an unidentified woman while on a fully booked flight has been taking attention in social media. The man’s hand was seen in between his lover’s legs which they stylishly covered with a dress. The lady gave out soft moaning and cuddled her man’s hand midway through the act.

Many people condemned the leaked the intimate video including one Vitorine Ogochukwu who was particular about the leak without the face of the male showing on the video. Here is what she commented below

“Totally disrespectful, why he no show his own face?, why recording and leaking it? Ladies, best thing you will do for yourself this year ,na to stop dating these small senseless boys o. Stop all this ojiamu eji sense for wetin una enjoy for private,u cast outside”.

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The camera captured the face of the fair-in-complexion woman yet unidentified where she was already in the assumed sex mood while her man penetrates down there with his hands.

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Though, Oma Micheal, a Facebook user who shared the video is yet to supply further details on who those shameless lovers are and the flight in question.

But she commented “Na man remain for me o…una no tell me say e dey sweet inside plane”.

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