“You Will Never Make That Amount Of Money Until You Confess” – Erica Nlewidim Rains Bitter Curses On Thief Who Stole Her Money

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Reality TV star Erica Nlewidim narrates her ordeal on how she was robbed of her money in her bag at Zara, a store in the UK.

While giving these recounts on twitter, she states that she went to purchase an item at Zara but when it was time to pay, she discovered her money had been stolen. It was with this shocking incident she rained bitter curses on the thief.

“To that person that stole my money, you will never make that amount of money you won’t even make 10% of it in your life till you confess and turn yourself to the police”

In the same story, she reveals she’s not the only victim as another woman complained about the same thing.

she says…

“they called the police cos another woman complained about the same thing and her whole bag was stolen, we’re waiting for the outcome”

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