“Breaking Into Homes With Vagina is Now The New Trend” – Victoria Inyama Laments

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Veteran Nollywood actress Victoria Inyama is lamenting over how it is proving very difficult for a married man to remain faithful to his wife in the marriage setting of today’s society.

Victoria Inyama says that society is now filled with women who derive pleasure in using their natural endowments to break up families.

The actress made this known via her Instagram page on Thursday. March 4, 2020, where she slammed women who break families with their sexual prowess.

According to her, breaking up of homes with God’s given assets is now a trend championed by beautiful single ladies who reduces their married counterparts to tears by sleeping with their husbands.

Speaking further, she reminded the home breakers about the punishment that follows their actions.

“How we have turned into a heartless generation 😔 , Women…How do U enjoy sex with him then tell your children ‘God bless U?? How? How much are you worth? When another woman is in tears? A woman is d birther of life …..and death too…Everything we do has consequences. Everything…Always remember that… Ķá Çhìńèķè méżìè óķwù. Good morning,” she wrote.

Victoria went on to address all newly married men that are in a hurry to entertain mistresses even while their marriages are still young.

Speaking about broken homes and failed marriages, Victoria Inyama is no stranger with the experience associated with them. And It is yet to be know whether her post is aimed at a particular person or not.

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