In West Africa, we have amazing beaches and sunshine. Isn’t that all you need to strip and model a gorgeous bikini body? Our African women are not even close to being popular in this area. But then this lovely and breath taking sandy beaches need to be safe in other to lure beautiful and convident women. But lets not jump into that topic just yet. Look at this fabulous pictures, is it home or abroad? check out our most  stunning Bikin Celebrities as they courageously show off their beautiful bikin bodies.

Vyonne nelson

Vyonne Nelson is a bikini queen. She is often seen snaping her self away by the pool or at the beach. we love her style and love the way she embrace her beauty at the beach. A secret to that gourgous body is actually swimming a lot.


Nadia Buhari is no doubt a bikini princess. We fancy her showing off those long, straight yummy legs. As a movie star, this is one of the ways to wash off the stress of a long stressful day. 


 Genevieve Nnaji is the only Nigerian actress who has couragious flash off her curves in a bikini. She looks ravishing as there is no doubt about it. She has definatly prove that she has what it takes to be a James Bond girl indeed!


Oluch Nwaegba

Oluchi Onweagba is our international model, well she is expected to rock a bikin and yeah! she does it with style. She is the face of Africa and a good role model to models wanna be. She is a woman driven by passion. 



Ruthless Diva (Chinenye Ruth Okorie) dazzles in style. She is a fast risisng singer and with her bikini style is sure ‘gonna’ make it. She is not only courageious, but well beautiful and has got a hot bikini skin. She makes us proud.


Adeora Akubilo

Adeora Akubilo is an international sports illustrator model and a natural beauty. she is all ours and there for makes up proud. She  is not only a beautiful face, she is a hard working one as well, she confess that she is not naturaly skinny.


Munachi Abii is a formal beauty queen and rapper. Thou not in a beach, proves that she has got the confidence she needs to dazzle in a bikin. We sure love her style. Is she poseing in a kitchen? wow! hope she is not cooking in a bikini.




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