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African Dazzle

1. Try and relax your hair every 6 to 12 weeks: 

Do not relax your hair every time new growth appears this will definitely cause damage. Use a reconstructor conditioner after a week of relaxing your hair instead of a regular conditioner. go back to your regular moisturiser shampoo and conditioner after a week.african dazzle

2. Wash and Condition your hair at list once a week: Fish out and use mild and gentle conditioners and shampoos designed for chemically treated hair. if you have sensitive skin, consider using shampoos that do not contain ammonium lauryl sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate. however, try and use deep conditioner that contains both protein and moisture once a week or month. Organic hair stimulator is an example of a good product. comb the wet  hair with a wide tooth comb or shower detangling comb as the wet hair is week and in a more vulnerable state and more likely to break.


3. Avoid using hot heat dryer mostly when your hair is damaged or freshly relaxed: Your hair should be left to air dry at list partially before using a blow dryer on a low to medium temperature setting. however if your hair is healthy and you prefer heat,  you can either blow dry on medium heat, or use a hood dryer with magnetic rollers. Note! Your hair should be completely dry before using a flat iron or curling. Try and use a heat protection product before any heating.

4. It’s ok to style your hair with a curling iron occasionally: However a roller set is the best method. if you want to maintain a curly look over a period of time, pin curling is a healthy option. Be sure to use hair friendly pins and Note! use a satin bonnet to tie, it prevent dryness and breakage over night.

5. Deep condition your hair at list weekly to maintain strength and moisture: 

NOTE! Do not over wash your hair by washing relaxed  hair more than once a week. For best result for deep conditioning your hair, if at home, apply a shower cap for 30 to 40min, or sit under a hooded dryer on a medium heat for 15 – 20min. Deep conditioning regularly or consistently can help maintain your hair integrity, allow it to withstand regular manipulation and styling, as well as preventing damage. Girls! invest money in a deep conditioner rather than any other hair product because this is the best tool for preventing hair damage. Dont forget to at list drink plenty of water daily.


Enjoy keeping your grumpy princess happy!

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