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ADM: What excites you about the Entertainment industry in general?: I have always been interested in Show Business. Not even sure when I caught the bug. Putting a smile on other people’s faces is one of my desires, as I have a happy disposition myself.

ADM: Is being a producer a career change or are you adding to your career?: Hmmm, career change? I wouldn’t say that but I would agree that being a producer is adding another feather to my cap – presenting, beauty pageant organiser, actress, PR guru and now producer. Yeah definitely another feather.
ADM: What is the most significant moral in Shameful Deceit?: The movie accentuates the destruction that marital infidelity causes, the snow ball effect and ramifications.

ADMWhat gave you the courage and faith to produce this movie, is it a shark hook?: Shark hook huh?! You could say that. It was an irresistible urge. I was practically a runner on the set of Amina, taking on various roles, it gave me the confidence that I could produce a movie of my own and, when I received the synopsis for Shameful Deceit, I wasted no time in getting the script developed into a full screenplay. Of course, I know a lot of industry people who also encouraged me that I could do it. The renowned director, Ruke Amata, came on board, as did Strive2Survive’s Nelson Spyk. With financing in place from the Executive Producer, it was full steam ahead.

 ADMWhat did you enjoy the most while producing Shameful Deceit?: I enjoyed all aspects of producing the film. There were hiccups and challenges but it was a joy to go on location every day, to work with an eager cast and crew, who gave their best. I am also the lead, so acting my part was also quite enjoyable. Among my delightful committed cast were veterans, Lanre Balogun (Shattered Hearts) and Moji Bamtefa (Meet the Adebanjo’s) and, Gambian beauty Fatima Jabbe.

ADM: What will you change and what will you not change about this movie?: Difficult question to answer right now, I will not change or add anything.
ADMAre you planning on staying in London since Nigeria is the happening place for Nollywood movies?: God willing, I will work not in the UK and Nigeria but all over Africa. However, UK Nollywood is here to stay and I am glad that I can be regarded as one of the trailblazers. Co-Productions across continents is the in thing right now and it would be good to get involved in that. Therefore, for the time being, UK is home but the world is my office. Or does that sound clichéd?

ADM:  Tell us briefly about yourself: My name is Theodora Ibekwe, born in Edo State  and my parents are from Imo State . I had a bright and happy childhood; studied Education at Auchi Polytechnic and Accounting at University of Lagos.was a teacher for a while before doing a stint at Water Parks in Lagos.

ADM: What challenges do you face being a new movie producer mostly in London?: As you know, Producers have to find the funding for their film. This is the biggest challenge. To get funding, of course, you need a good script, also a bankable lead actor or actress. There is no scarcity of good cast and crew. So, yeah, funding is extremely difficult and you will find that some producers have to work on a shoestring and even ask most of the cast and crew to go unpaid but I paid all. Hopefully, UK Nollywood will have an impact on mainstream UK entertainment and make us more attractive to the Film Councils, Lottery Fund, Arts Council, etc.
ADM Would you say it’s easier being a producer in the UK compared to Nigeria?: At this point in my career, I couldn’t possibly answer with any degree of accuracy. However, it may possibly be easier to be a producer in Nigeria as one is a Nigerian as opposed to being Nigerian in the UK. For now though, I would hold my comment.

 ADMWho are your audience? :For Shameful Deceit? It’s a social drama, which we hope will appeal to all sections of any population. The subject matter is sensitive but universal but my target audience is my African people, they are special to me.
ADMWhen is the premiere of Shameful Deceit and will you be premiering in other countries such as Nigeria and Ghana?: Shameful Deceit has a planned World Premiere on Friday, 5th July 2013, at Greenwich Odeon. Indeed, we also plan to have premieres in Nigeria, Ghana, Gambia, Sierra Leone, Jamaica, Zimbabwe and maybe even the USA.

ADM: Tell us a little about your family background:I mentioned earlier that my parents are from Imo State. Both were educators. My parents instilled a great desire for education in all four of their children, so much so that we studied education in one form or another. I was a teacher for a while, so is my elder sister. It was a happy disciplined upbringing, which has brought me thus far.

Shameful Deceit will be premeried in Odeon Greenwich Cinema on Friday 5th of July 2013. This is the most anticipated movie this summer.

Check out the website to buy your tickets: here




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