Roseline Sanni Ajose Promots the Premiere of her new film LABO






LABO! (Life is a Journey) coming in August 2013 @ Odeon Cinema Greenwich.


This is an international film, shot in London, Lagos, Abeokuta Nigeria and Ghana.


Labo!” An Afro-Caribbean/British story based on family battle for cultural Supremacy, its treats all cultural ills. “Labo!” speaks to Migrate/ Africans’ in the Diaspora, not to forget home and their culture, regardless of their position or status. 

Labo! (Life is Journey) film is one of its kinds in Afro-Caribbean/British film industry. It is going to be the movie of the year! you can’t afford to miss it!

A film by: Roseline Sanni-Ajose.

Directed by :Femi Fadeyi (Award winning Igi Aruwe)


Roseline Sanni-Ajose CEO inspiration production UK, speaks about her journey from Theater Nurse to Movie making.

”Yes I’m a theatre Nurses by profession, however I believe I have a calling in media/Entertainment industry. Acting is my passion and dream. As an actress, I acted in Promise (2005) produced by Nelson Spky, a London based Producer. Oriyomi (2010) A Yoruba film produced by Femi Fadeyi. Blackberry Hustle (2011) a film by Roseline Sanni and Bruce Niamke”. she added. 

“In 2010, I gained a Screen Acting qualification at City Academy London, also in 2010, I present stars on Zafaa for BEN TV UK, and did  a commercial adverts for Vox Africa TV. I interview stars during red carpet events in UK and for Oodua TV on sky.

 “Labo! (Life is a Journey) is my first major featured length film. Instead of tagging along other peoples aspiration, I took courage and formed a company called Inspiration Production in 2009. I want to make a difference in Nollywood movie industry, as we often complain of poor production and quality. Inspiration Production has been created not only to take Nollywood to new heights but also to inspire others. This is a huge stepping stone and I believe it will be an angle to draw in more Africans in the Diasporas”. She said. ” We stand to build and motivate upcoming actors/actresses.  Inspiration Production is found and built on a solid rock”. she added.

“If you have a dream, make it a reality. KEEP MOVING. BE INSPIRED!



LABO! (Life is a Journey)  MOVIE TRALIER:

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