Said POKO.

Tonko dikeh shamefully embarrassed herself at the iyanya london kukere concert on Sunday at the Indig02 and let her fans down big time“. cried a sad fan.

The actress turn singer came on stage as high as it can get and drunk off her face. At first she had a lot of Energy as she came on stage and people thought she was really excited to see her fans but minutes later after stepping in a ball gown and dancing to her new track.

As the host Eddie kadi started to get her talking to her fans and asking questions she started a lot of a lot of rubbish like ”Oh sorry I can’t raise my hand to wave because I have not shave” and then other sentence like ”Say POKO London! USA say it better than you” in a very aggressive voice and was trembling and scratching and making funny noises while the interview was going on.

She was left to perform her song which she didn’t really sing to as she was just shouting and trouping around stage. In a drop of a moment she fell to her knee on stage and her boobtube dress slide down revealing her boobs and she quickly covered up and down it into break dancing while still on the floor. She got up again she continued shouting and stumbling on stage.

As the host realise she was not in her right frame of mind she quickly introduce the next act and try to get her off the stage but she wouldn’t and continued dancing and showing her armpit while making funny faces and blowing kisses to the crowd.

At this stage the crowd was not happy and continued to boo’d her until she was taken off the stage!

This was definately an embarrassing to watch and in our opinion she should not have been allowed on stage in that state!

Sources also say that prior before that she was backstage smoking quite a lot and was rude aswel.

So in our conclusion we believe she was not only drunk but high as her song goes with the C word!

But apart from the shameful act Iyanya was a sexy beast on stage and he killed the performance in our opinion Best Concert Ever! But that will be another story!

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  1. To African dazzle magazine, i think it will be better to screen any actor/actress before they can be allowed to present anything on stage. Africans pride is important here please.

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