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Red carpet event are always a reason to get all Glam’d up as all eyes will be on you not only to see what you are wearing but to make sure if it is a beauty pass or an epic fail. and with all the paparazzi present the look is bound to make its way to the net so you have to make sure it is a pass and a very good one at it by killing the red carpet and standing out.

We as usual have done our research and have some tips for you in order to make sure you rocked that red carpet in style!

So whatever Event it is weather its a Movie premiere, An Award show, A fashion show, A Music show, Charity Ball, Dinner, Private Parties, Social Event, Networking Event or any other Red carpet show/Event.  Follow these rules and you are bound to stand Out!

EVENT/SHOW: Again dressing up for the Red carpet for any Event will depend what kind of event it is. so if it is an award show, you know you have to go with the flock that will WOW and if it is a dinner event then a more dinner evening dress will be appropriate for the event. so dress according to the Event not according to your choice or what you want to rock!

THEME: Always find out the theme of the Event you are intending! of course if it is a Red carpet Event you already know you need to be in your evening dresses and your suit and tie but also knowing the theme of the Event will let you be specific and help choose the right look for the Event. For Example the theme could be 80’s, 60’s, vintage and you don’t want to go there in modern flock or even colour coded like All White or a touch of purple. so you want to be aware of this information before you dress up and go in your own choice.

NO THEME: If the Event has no theme then that’s great for you at least you get to pick what you really want but also it will depend what the function is so you will still need to dress to it being aware of what event it is and dress for it.

AVOID WHO WORE IT BEST: There is always going to be a who wore it best and trust us nobody wants to be caught in this because you always want to stand out for your own dress and not with someone else rocking the same. so to avoid this never wear a high street or a dress from known stores where you know anyone else could easily get the same and wear to same event. But if you ever find yourself in this situation make sure you are the one who is rocking it the BEST…! BY STYLING IT THE HELL OUT!


HAIR: Red carpet hair are always meant to be Glam and always look done. No matter what you are wearing your hair needs to be done and look healthy and shinning to compliment the dress. the style of hair does matter depending on what look you are going for Again. If you are wearing a detailed shoulder dress then you know your hair needs to be kept up do to show the details on the dress. and if it is a plain dress then adding extra volume/curls on the hair will help balance it out.

MAKEUP: Your Makeup should always be flawless for a Red carpet look. Regardless of what you are wearing your makeup should never be too much or overpower your outfit. Your  makeup most time should be subtle and focus on a particular feature. if you going for a smoky eyes, keep the lips nude and if you rocking a Red lips then keep eyes neutral. Again your makeup look should co-ordinate with your hair and always shimmer up for the flawless look.


SHOES: Your shoes are the second most important after your dress because it will compliment your dress and complete the look. so Again whatever dress you wear then the shoe needs to match the dress or if you are like some people that pick their shoe first then a dress that goes with it. but we think for a red carpet the dress is the most important so if you are wearing a very detailed dress all round or a lot of detail on the bottom then keep the shoe simple in other not to take attention away from the dress and if your shoe is the statement then a simple LBD will be the best choice

PURSE/CLUTCH/ACCESSORIES: Always complete your look with a classy and stunning clutch/purse. the smaller the better so if you are rocking a beautiful flock having a small box clutch that only takes your lippy, phone and maybe powder puff for touch up is a best match as it says class and it had statement to the whole look.


For boobtube, low neck, off the shoulder dress, don’t be afraid to add a bold stunning beautiful statement necklace to complete the look.

So following this steps we are sure you will stand out on the red carpet and your pictures will definitely be in the ‘rock the red carpet session and a beauty pass!

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