Linda Ikeji Takes England, Celebrating her 33rd Birthday in style!


Linda Ikeji

Welcome to England Linda Ifeoma Ikeji!

Linda Ikeji as known, obviously have a special invite once again this year to Cokobar clubs by Ropo Akins and Co. The hot and top Nigerian blogger landed in London earlier last week, welcomed by paps and interviewed like a huge celebrity. We guess she has become one by blogging about others. She looked stunning like never before dressing summery in a simple blue jump suit. 

Linda Ikeji

Linda getting interviewed by Lola Ogunbadejo


Linda Ikeji with Ropo Akin 

Linda Ikeji

Catching a train to her hotel room

Linda got dressed and styled up for a photo shoot by Big Ayo Photography and make-up by Bukola Maradarah, all part of her birthday package. She indeed celebrated her birthday in style. Celebrating both in Manchester and London on different nights last weekend (Friday,27th Cokobar Manchester and Saturday,28th Cokobar London).

Linda and Ropo Akin at Cokobar London on Saturday 28th of September

Linda’s London Cokobar brithday bash Cake with her figurine

Linda Ikeji with friends and fans at the Cokobar London

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji stepping out of a vip ride for her Manchester birthday bash

Special moment with Ropo Akin at Cokobar Manchester on the 27th of September 2013

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji’s Machester Cake with a very lady like theme (Pink Channel bag, lip sticks, roses and more)

Linda with some female fans

Linda with some male fans

The LIB blogger obviously has a massive fans, many came to meet her at her birthday event in both Manchester and London. Cokobar seriously gave her a vip treatment  With Ropo Akin personally taking matters into his own hands, he took the whole event to a different level, making sure linda had the time of her life.

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