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The daughter of ‘The Gambia’ Fatima Jabbe arrived at the premier of the first movie she produced titled ‘BATTERED’, at the Odeon Cinema in Greenwich London on the 28th of Sept 2013.

The 2013 African Oscars Favourite Award Winning Female Actress Fatima Jabbe, arrived in grand style with her cast and crew and she was wearing a TB creation from USA and hair and make by Fanta’s Saloon here in London. She approached the red carpet entrance designed by Malisha the Queen and was immediately swamped by the press, photographers, fashion designers and Journalists from various entertainment TV stations. The Odeon security had to intervene and with poise she still gave an audience to each of the media personnel and also posed for photographs.

Whilst being interviewed on the Red carpet, other eager fans who had been in the Odeon, heard of her arrival and made their way out to the main entrance and she was once again quickly ushered by the Odeon security into screen 11 where she received cheers from different fans, friends, film producers, directors, actors and actresses from different works of the movie industry.

As the 2013 African Oscars Favourite Award Winning Female Actress Fatima Jabbe waited at the reserved VIP stand waiving to her Fans, she was introduced to the audience by the 2013 Nigerian UK Based Award Winning Best Male Actor Ikenna Obi, who spoke about her dedication, support and commitment towards different non profitable charity organisations such as Gambia Meningitis Foundation, Women of Excellence, Face of the Gambia, The British Cancer Research Foundation and the John Utaka Foundation.

 Fatima Jabbe humbly spoke to her Fans, audience, press and explained the importance of the movie, highlighting by saying “It Is Dear To My Heart” and dedicated the movie to all victims of Violence, especially ‘Domestic Violence’ from which she was inspired to write and produce the movie ‘BATTERED’.


After the movie concluded, the audience were given ample time to ask the Writer/Producer/Actress Fatima Jabbe and her cast and crew of Nelson Spyk (Cinematographer), Lanre Balogun (Actor), Yvonne Hays (Actress), Theodora Ibekwe-Oyebade (Actress & Producer), Atto Erick (Actor), Ayo Oyebade (Actor & Producer), Marie Gomez (Actress), Olivia Eze (Actress), Jayone Dominie (Actor) and other talented cast and crew members, questions surrounding what had transpired in the movie whilst other Fans and members of the movie industry complimented the positive message disseminated through the movie and different resources provided to support victims of ‘Domestic Violence’.
As Fatima Jabbe was ushered from the Odeon, she kept thanking her Fans, Friends, the Odeon management and the press, mentioning that the movie ‘BATTERED‘ will be premiered on the 20th of December 2013 in her home country of The Gambia.

Written by Ikenna Obi




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