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Award winning Nollywood Director Obi Emelonye astonish movies lovers once again with his latest Onye Ozi  (The Messenger), globaly and life in London on the 18th of this month. Onye Ozi as a  first of its kind, an Igbo speaking movie subtitled in english, set in London. The movie regardless of its vernacular still captured the audience eyes with lots of humore and laughter, thanks to the lead actor Okey Bakassi an award winning comedian and Ngozi Igwebike a young london based model turned actress.

 The Movie is about a man Metumaribe (Okey Bakassi) who came to London in pursue of better life with his 2.1 in political science from University of Nigeria. It was a big struggle for him coming into the UK, a struggle that carried on over a year of his two years visa to no avail. However, luckely his wife who helped with his visa loved him enough to with stand all circumstances. In the pursue of his succses, time is running out, he came into an unfortunate circumstance where he witness the death of a dieing white man TJ who before decease, gave him a letter and made Metumaribe promise to deliver the message. He did not keep the promise, He later got tormented by the spirit of the dead man.

While he and his struggling family thought they found their dream home had a twist, which lead him into being frustrated and going back to correct his mistake and deliver the message the way he was told. At the End of the Movie the bad circumstance work out for his own good and he was able to inherit and get a cash sum from the dead man TJ and became a very successful and worth man.

This is a very funny comedy, as every scene got you laughing. Even thou it is an Igbo speaking movie transilated in english, the storyline is very easy to follow, understand and enjoy to non-Igbo speakers. The cinematography, sound and quality was spot on, packed with great actors and actresses.

OBI EMELONYE has done it again with this Hit Movie” said a viewer, ”They actors were brilliantly cast” said another viewer. It definitely takes Nollywood another step further. The cut, the storyline, the directing were just great and we commend him for a job Welldone!

Pictures From the Life Premiere in London:

Ngozi Igwebike

Ngozi Igwebike (Lead Actress)

Okey Bakassi

Okey Bakassi (Lead Actor)


Pauline Long (Founder Beffta Awards & The Pauline Long show)

Fatimma Jabbe

Fatima Jabbe (Actress)

Ikenna Obi

Ikenna Obi (Actor)

Tara Daviess (Miss Black Africa UK 2013)


Tolu Yesusfu (Actress/Director)

Yvonne Hays (actress) with friends

From left: Eleanor Agala (Actress), Marie Gomez (Actress) and Goldiva (Fashion Designer/Blogger)

Casts in the Movie

Obi Emelonye and casts 

An interview with the Director:

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  1. I am really impressed with the producer, the actors and actresses…especially NGOZI IGWEBIKE (NGOOOOOO0) Am so proud of you! I did like to associate myself with you guys….cheers!

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