Ladies! 3 common Fashion Accessories that will make you stand out of the crowed!



Red carpet events, Birthday Parties, Events, Night outs just name it! 3 basic fashion Accessories that will help your style stand out of the crowd.

Colour affects people on the gut level. Colour also communicates unconscious and conscious massages. Some times these massages can be hard to put into specific words. however the effect colour has on perception is very pronounced when it comes to clothing and make-up.

1 Lipsticks : Lipstick in particular is a highly symbolic  colour communicator. When at an occasion, the first thing people look at is your face, the mouth and lips are prominently displayed facial features, a great make-up attracts, but a bold colour lipsticks draws more attention. Are you at a party, event or just wearing your daily lipy lipstick? Choose your colour wisely because it reflects how you feel.  Red is the colour of romance and so there for attracts more male attention than the others, it is also the sexiest lipstick colour. Purple and burgundy  means dearing, power and dept, while pink means gentleness, girlishness and femininity.

  Some dearing celebrities are known for their lipstick power. We have Rihanna and Janelle Monae as our favourites.

2  Statement Neckless: That dress might be cheap, but a bold statement neckless can transform your style to something out of this world. Like the saying goes, accessories are the spice of any outfit, without some, your style will be classified as flat and uninteresting. No matter what season, jewellery is a fantastic accessory for telling the crowed your arrival. Statement necklaces is a particularly easy way to grab peoples attention and  announce your personal style flare.

 3 Things to consider while choosing a statement neckless is the size, the colour and the material used and then the bolder the better.

3 Nail Vanish: Yep! you might think people are not looking, but they sure notice that bold colour to match nail vanish you’ve got. Your nails can tell a lot about you. Just like lipsticks the colour you wear speaks for it self. Red is known as the ultimate statement of glamour, it speak for passion, fire and confidence, it also shows off your diva side. Orange is bubbly and creative, Purple shows confident, artistic and not afraid to stand out from the crowed, while  blue is fun and experimental.

 Different colours of vanish has different meaning. Make sure you match  it well when out. Rihanna is one celebrity that rock her nail varnish all the time.

So there you have it! A lovely bold lipstick, amazing statement neckless and a hot fuzz nail varnish will definitely get you noticed while out ladies! choose your styles and choose it well.

Written by Noellin Imoh

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