A young girl who works in a supermarket was in love with a young boy who also works in the same supermarket. She was shy and doesn’t want to approach him to make known her feelings. She says hello or good bye every known and then and the young man replies warmly. She told her best friend and colleague who works in the same department, her best friend kept encouraging her to approach the young man and make known her feelings since it is the 21st century, but she was too afraid of rejection. From hello and goodbye, she started having small talks like ‘Oh what a busy day, and ‘what did you do over the weekend’, with him. She was happy as the friendship is progressing, she is optimistic and has lots of patience.

It is almost a year, and they are good friends now, they talk a little more than ‘hi’ and ‘what have you been up to’. She has waited for him to ask her out, however he hasn’t, but the young girls courage is building up. She decided to ask him out on Valentines day, like everyone she told asked her to. On that Faithful February 14th, she asked him what he was doing, of course he was working. “Would you meet up and go for a dinner after work? I will get ready and wait for you” she added. He accepted the invitation and confessed that he is looking forward to it. Her courage is getting stronger.

They went out that evening to a restaurant, at the end of the meal, noting happened, she dared her self to ask him, he interrupted her taught by saying “Would it be okey, I have just texted my friend to come and pick me up, i don’t feel very well“. She was bewildered, “Is everything okey? she ask. “Yes, i will confessed i’ve had a nice dinner, he said, “but i’ve got a lot in my mind recently“, He sighed “never mind”. “Can we be more than friends? she heard her self interrupting him. “I really like you and have been hoping you will ask me out” she added. “I am sorry, i have just had a broken heart  today, Some girl i really like wouldn’t go out with me this Val, after i’ve build up the courage to ask her out” he complained, “sorry that’s why i am not very much in the mood to have fun. “Oh sorry about that, I am really sorry! she said, “Its so sad when you like someone and yet they don’t see or feel it”. “Yes it is“, he replied, “mostly when you’ve secretly fancied them for a while, and people say, oh just ask, honestly i hate being rejected. “Me too“, she mutter to her self. Suddenly the young mans friend stopped his car outside the restaurant at the other side of the road, they can see it through the restaurant glass. “There is my friend“, he said almost happily, taking a long breath, he looked at her, “thanks for the dinner, it was lovely, i guess we will meet at work then? “Yes we will”, she hesitated, “take care and speak to you later! “Take care and have fun with your friends tonight, you deserve so much better! He walks out of the restaurant.





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