18 Carat Mama Premieres 2nd may, 2014 in London!


18 Carat Mama is a story which aims to sensitize the public about the need to have a smear test with the view to preventing and, early detection of cervical cancer. It is written mainly around the three main female cast who live their lives without a care in the world, until one day tragedy struck. It is both a comedy and drama.

While it is aimed primarily at the African woman, who takes issues of their health with levity more so the dislike of the intrusion of their privacy, it is a story for the family and the general public.

This story is mind blowing, thought provoking, educating, entertaining and full of laughter. It is a story of total friendship, loyalty, endurance, trust and reality of everyday life situations.

18 Carat Mama is a story written by Helen Adenike Osabutey, aka Helen Gold, for Helen Gold Productions and directed by Titi Jacobs-Aseroma aka Lady TJ.

It stars some of Nollywood veterans in the persons of Lanre Balogun and Fred Aseroma. 

Also starring are Theodora ‘Nollywood’ Ibekwe-Oyebade, a multi-award winning actress and producer; Helen Adenike Osabutey; Toyin Moore; Tolu Yesufu; Marie Gomez and Danny Erskine 

Broadcast by TheodoraIbekwePR

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