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Solace Designs is a unique brand of Jewellery & Accessories meticulously made to the highest standards.  Solace was created by Shonel Jackson, a self-thought designer, who has in turn found solace in moulding sterling silver, copper and brass wire into stunning, eye-catching and one of a kind pieces.  Freshwater Pearls, Semi-precious Stones, Swarovski Crystals and Leather, as well as the beauty of nature itself, inspires her to create her own brand of art.

About Choker Collection

The current collection, are all one of a kind creations.  They are Chokers which comprise of a large central semi-precious stone and incorporates other smaller stones or Swarovski Crystals.  The gems are delicately woven together with wire into abstract, unique and sometimes very lifelike artistic pieces.  So lifelike in fact, that each piece has inspired its own name.  From Shield, to Black Widow, Eau de Parfum or the vivacious Roxanne, each piece has a personality all of its own.  The pendants then hang from hand stitched, firm, soft leather chokers.  They would be a welcome addition to any hip fashionista’s show-stopping repertoire!



A Royal look for an outstanding piece.  This Agate stone is infused with purple, pink and green tones giving it a spectacular finish.  Infused with copper and coiled at its crown, this is truly and eye-catching piece!

Eau de Parfum


Small in stature, but big in personality. This piece is reminiscent of many perfume adverts over the years, each encased in its own sexy little bottle.  This pendant could easily be the container of one the well-known French scents, with the Amethyst chips imitating the perfume mist.

Swept Away

A Dendritic Opal stands proudly next to festering, gnarly, ‘Swept Away’ tree branches.  The almost skeletal tree form’s only lowly inhabitants are Natural Ruby and Agate Onyx stones.



Named for its butterfly effect, this woven beauty incorporates a central Fossilized Coral and Red Tiger’s Eye semi-precious stones.  A classy piece with endless possibilities!

The Seahorse

There’s definitely something fishy about this piece.  The ribbed pattern formed by the Agate stones mimic the belly of a Seahorse and the opposite wire coils resembles that of its tail.  Combined with the rich colour of the rust red leather, this stands out as one of the most popular pieces.


A clear white pool encased by chocolate verges and visited by two shades of blue.  The name is inspired by the many beautiful blue lagoons, but this piece casts a spell all of its own!



Paying homage to the Shields of the Zulu people, this woven piece stands firm.  The copper core arches stand erect, towering above magnet and non-magnetic hematite stones, while shielding the pink Agate.  Wear it as a badge of honour.



An unformed and skeletal butterfly, this piece is truly magnificent.  It is 3D in construction and the stones and crystals emanate the plume of springtime butterflies. Lifelike and graceful!


Striking!  This piece is summed up thus.  It is named for the subject of the song ‘El Tango de Roxanne.’  In the song, Roxanne is bold, brave and fierce, and does as she pleases, regardless the consequences. You have to dare to wear Roxanne.  The intricately patterned weave swirls around and encases the Lemon Jade and Agates. We should all be this brave!

These are no doubt amazing pieces of jewellery and the first of its kind. Why not flutter on the red carpet, events, and other occasions with a special pieces of your own, the good news is, there is only one of a kind, thus no one will have the same piece as yours.

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