Nigerian First Lady’s Video reaction over missing Chibok girls goes viral!


The alleged video of Nigerian First Lady Patience Jonathan’s meeting with the Principal of the school where the Chibok girls were abducted has gone viral. The meeting took place in Abuja, and only the Principal of the School showed up. She asks the principal Na Only You Waka Come?”  Most viewers finds her reaction very hilarious and funny and categories it as a  comic relief video just like Oga At the Top and Honourable Patrick Obahiagbo’s grammerThe viral conversation goes “Principal… na only you waka come okay, when the first lady is calling you, come I want to help you, I want to help you find your missing child, will you keep quiet? Chai, chai, there is God o, the blood we’re shedding, there is God o, there is God o…!” she said, bursting into tears.

Patience at the time of the incident didn’t think her action was hilarious, she was very serious as she broke down crying. President Goodluck Jonathan and the First lady only made a public appearance regarding this critical incident recently. The girls have been missing over 2 weeks and Celebrities around the world have already been lending their voice before any action was taking by the government.

Nigeria’s Islamic Boko Haram extremist leader who claim to have abducted the girls is not only threatening to sell them, but is making plans to abduct more girls and as a matter of fact, 8 more girls have been abducted, this was announced on BBC Africa this afternoon.

Nigerians in particular doesn’t think the Nigerian government is doing enough to help the situation, thus they are finding every movement and effort by the government hilarious.

Written by: Noellin Imoh

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