Daniel Sync Lends his voice in anger saying! #BringBackOurGirlsALIVE!


Award winning London based Nigerian celebrity photographer Daniel Sync voices out his opinion today regarding the missing Chibok girls. Having heard so much about this incident over the past few weeks,couldn’t keep his anger and silent any longer, not after hearing from some of his sources from Nigeria that one of the girls have been buried alive with head surfacing and stoned to death today April 7th 2014. We are not very certain about this latest news, but we will keep our ears alert for more update.


 Daniel Sync is one of Nigerias biggest photographer both inside and out side Nigeria. He supplies most media bodies not only African celebrity photos, but also top British and Hollywood A-lists celebritiy photos as well.

Daniel is currently working on a new  project called #RealChangeBeginsWithYou and feels like now is the best time to lunch this organisation, since the missing girls incident falls under his organisation.

Daniel will be joining other London based Nigerians tomorrow for a solidarity protest at the Nigerian house.  



Written by: Noellin Imoh

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