Nigerian Media icon ‘Stella Damasus’ shares a Powerful Massage & cry for world help!


“It is an open secrete that Boko Haram is a politically motivated group that cannot be reasoned with!”

Nigerian Nollywood sweetheart actress/Producer Stella Damasus, speaks out, sending a powerful massage about all the incident happing in Nigeria in the past few Months. She cries for the world to come to the aid of Nigeria.

Since January 2014, 1500 people have been killed because of the acts done by these terrorist groups“, she said.

She leaves a powerful massage looking into how other global issues have been handled and how all the incident, happing in Nigeria is similar, saying urgent help is needed outside Nigeria even if the government is not asking, the people are, she emphasise.

She concluded by saying that what motivates these terrorist groups is not money, its not oppression and much more, and dialogue and Amnesty will not work. The world please come and help us! Nigeria Needs help!  we need to rescue our girls! Help us Bring back our Girls!” she begs.


Written by: Noellin Imoh

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