Afrobeat singer May7ven hopes Nigerian Centenary Awards UK will inspire youth!



AFROBEAT singer and model May7ven has given her backing to the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK gala dinner due to take place on June 27 saying that she hopes it will serve as an inspiration to young Nigerians across the UK. 

One of Nigeria’s most popular entertainers within the UK, May7even, 30, is a singer, songwriter, dancer, producer, actress, model and entrepreneur. Her main following is among the diaspora youths as she has become an icon for young people since she won her first award at the 2009 Nigerian Music Video Award for Best Video in Europe.

Mindful of the fact that she is seen as a role model for Nigerian youths across the UK, May7ven said she hopes that her association with the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK will inspire many of them to achieve their full potential. On June 27 at Waltham Forest Town Hall, 100 outstanding Nigerians in the UK over the last 100 years will be honoured for their contribution to society.

May7ven said: “It is a great thing that the diaspora community is coming together to honour Nigerians who have contributed immensely to both the UK and Nigeria over the last 100 years. Among the categories in which people are being honoured are youth leaders and entertainers, so I hope that this will inspire many of our young people to go on and achieve their potential.

“Across a whole raft of industries and sectors, Nigerians have distinguished themselves as able to compete with anybody anywhere in the world and these awards will recognise that fact. I hope that when our young people see how those who have been rewarded for their hard work are honoured, it will spur them on to do likewise.”

May7ven is the latest prominent Nigerian to back the awards ceremony, as over the last week, the chairman of the House of Representatives Diaspora Committee, Honourable Abike Dabiri-Erewa has confirmed she would be present at the event. Other eminent Nigerians including Professor Wole Soyinka, AIT news presenter Lara Owoeye-Wise, Nigerian Idol judge Yinka Davies and lawyer Bamidele Aturu are all expected too.

Dayo Olomu, that chairman of the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK organising committee’s programmes sub-committee, said: “Our event is proving very popular with the diaspora community because they can see that it is unique. No other awards ceremony has involved handing out honours to 100 people and no other event has recognised this number of ordinary people who are generally overlooked.” 

Ronke Udofia, the chairman of the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK organising committee’s awards sub-committee, added: “One of the things we are trying to do with this event is to inspire our youths to reach greater heights. With someone like May7ven who a lot of our youths look up to on board, we hope to reach out to as many young people as possible.”

Jumoke Ariyo, the secretary of the Nigerian Centenary Awards UK organising committee, urged more young Nigerians to go and nominate people for awards at the event’s website She added that with nominations closing on May 18, it is important that they do so now to ensure that there is a respectable youth quota among the nominees.


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