King of couture & Africa’s Fashion Maestro, Adebayo Jones celebrates birthday & 30 years in Fashion!



Adebayo Jones a well known London based Nigerian designer celebrated his birthday over the weekend and 30 years in the Fashion industry. He showcased his amazing designs at his birthday fashion show, impressing his guest as always, even one of his fans called the designs ‘dazzling & stunning“, he is widely known as The King of Couture and referred to in the fashion world and Media, Adebayo Jones believes details will set your work apart. 

As one of the leading African designers in Europe, Adebayo Jones is known for creating the most luxurious and luscious fabrics, ranging from silks to brocades, velvets, chiffon’s organza’s, crochets and damask while presenting a fine, clean and classic lines. The fashion genius outstanding designs in formal wear and wedding dresses are second to none. His designs are often described as glamorous, elegant, magnificent, rich and mind blowing that are fit for royalty.

Check out some of his designs:





There is no doubt his desings are breath taking, we wish him long life, great susccess and say “Keep Dazzling! 

For more amazing Fashion and Designs information, check him out Here



Written by: Noellin Imoh

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