Tiwa Savage vs Asa:New Music Video, Who does it for you?



                    Tiwa Savage                                      Asa

Here comes the Afrobeat girls! Great women, quality video, quality music, hours apart from music video release. Tiwa faces an audience pull by the sexyness of her new video while Asa takes it nice and slow. Who will grab more audience? you watch,decide and tell us.


Tiwa Savage release her latest single ‘Wanted‘, directed by London based music director Moe Musa, whom she has been working a lot with recently, we guess they guy is talented. In this music video, Tiwa pull off all the sexyness she can, giving her audience a little bit of beyonce and rihanna all in one. This is no doubt a great music video.



Asa releases brand new music video  ‘Dead Again‘ today. Asa is know for her great music concept and quality, and we expect noting less form her. A few days ago, the African music legend announced the upcoming release of ther third album. 

Now we know they two ladies are coming from different perspective, The two beautiful Nigerian stars rock in their video, however who’s music does it for you?


Written by: Noellin Imoh


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