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The name Sade is a popular Yoruba name from West Africa which means With Crown. Celebrity singer Sade is also of Yoruba origin and one of the most famous people with this name. – kindle book

 Sade The Secret Princess


SADE THE SECRET PRINCESS is a novel based on the feature animation film The Secret Princess. Published by TransTales Entertainment – who is also making the film. This love story unfolds in an amazing adventure sweeping the audience into a world of innocence, love, friendship, secrets, betrayal and perseverance against all odds. A tale set in Africa, readers will be transported to a world where myths are real, animals can talk, men and women are unequal, values and love can conquer any challenge. In the last few scenes a lot of amazing twists are revealed about many characters including the secret princess, the prince, the farmer and his wife, the queen and king, adversaries including Prince Azuka and Princess Adaeze and of course Mr. Tortoise.

In the story Sade is a girl who was switched as a baby to prevent her mother the queen from being sent away for not having a son.

Set in traditional times where male children were considered more important than females, a king seeking an heir to his throne is obsessed with having a male child. Consequently his third wife (his two previous wives had six daughters between and were all sent away) switches her daughter with a poor farmers’ son in secret. The king unaware that the boy isn’t his raises the child as Prince Akin who lives a life of prestige and luxury. While Sade the daughter who was switched to be with the farmer and his wife lives a life of a poor farmer’s daughter helping with the farm. When her father disappears and her mother is accused by the villagers of being a witch, both run off into the jungle for their lives. But they are not alone. Talking animals including the parrot who knew about the switch and spread the news, come together to help the mother and daughter who now live is a hut alone in the jungle hiding from those who might harm them. When Prince Akin finally meets Sade and they fall in love, the real challenge and adventure begins as they realize they will have to fight to be together.

Even though this is a fictional novel, in reality the female gender has faced a lot of gender discrimination and stereotype. #BringBackOurGirls is a hashtage used to spread the call for the return of nearly three hundred girls who were abducted from their boarding school in Nigeria to be forced to be child brides. The act was done by Boka Haram militants who have an absurd believe that girls should not be educated in schools. There has been wide spread condemnation of the militants worldwide.

Many women in history have been great leaders, scientist, poets, writers and exceled in vaious fields.

Florence Nightingale, Mother Teresa, Rosa Parks, Amina of Zaria, Cleopatra, Queen Victoria, Maya Angelou, Hillary Clinton, Angela Michael, Beyonce Knowles, are examples of great women that have filled important roles in history.

Like a popular saying goes, what a man can do a woman can do better. Sade The Secret Princess is available on Amazon.




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