New Music Video by Deoba Authentic ‘Mawobe’!


Deoba Autentic’s new vocal rendition is a fusion influences and can be describe as soulful African. It is Nigerian afropop with deep creative articulation and warm vibrant tones. Deoba Athentic is able to brings the tropical fusion of Nigerian music together with British funk, house, garage and jungles it into the Afropop beats with ease.

While listening to his music, you start off hearing a sonorous soul vibe that spills into funk, rhythm and blues with jazzy backtones also with all that hiphop/reggae undertones and all of the aspects of music that make you want to move, groove, shake and sing along. Deoba Authentic the artiste is simply so,…..authentically Afropop with a touch of nothing but the best.
Deoba Authentic feels music is a powerful tool, it is enjoyment and more importantly, music is a very strong medium that can carry information and also preserve it for years to come. Others will be able to learn from it now and in the future.

Mobile : 07932 961 658
Skype: djdeoba


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