Pauline Long Is the New Ambassador & Face for the National UK Campaign for Project Embrace!


Pauline Long of BEFFTA Awards is the new ambassador and face for the National UK  Campaign for Project Embrace. She announced the good news two days ago on her Facebook page saying “I’m pleased to announce that I have been appointed ambassador and face for the national UK campaign for PROJECT EMBRACE – I AM ENOUGH …promoting diversity. Official billboard campaign coming soon all over the UK“. 

The ‘Pauline Long Show’ presenter was recently the ambassador uniting African nations in the Diaspora through football, from the 31st of May to the 14th of June.

Pauline is an Entrepreneur, fashion designer, presenter and philanthropist. She is the CEO and Founder of BEFFTA, the biggest black awards ceremony (BEFFTA Awards) that gives back to the community by honouring and rewarding Black personalities within the entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts in UK, USA, Canada, Caribbean and Africa.

She also runs The Pauline Long Empowerment and mentoring Club, check it out here for more details and to join.

We say Congratulations to this new project and wish her all the best!


Written by: Noellin Imoh


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