‘The Broken Bride’ Movie staring Veteran broadcaster Julie Coker Premieres July 4th at Odeon Cinema London!


THE BROKEN BRIDE opens to the world as it stages its World Premiere at the Odeon Cinema Greenwich, London on Friday the 4th of July 2014. Red Carpet kicks off at 8.30pm. The Broken Bride is a multicultural Nollywood movie directed by GEORGE KELLY (Msc filmmaking). The movie is aimed at enhancing cultural integration and promoting unity in diversity. It also touches on issues of forced marriages prevalent in Africa and developing nations.


Omatseye loses his job in Nigeria and can no longer afford to pay his rent. His live-in lover, Eriwu takes over this responsibility and soon evicts him from his own apartment. Omatseye decides to move on. He comes to the UK in search of a new lease of life. On arrival, he finds a new love, Temisan. They are so committed to each other, that he thinks he has found himself a bride. He soon realises that life in the UK is full of un-envisaged challenges and all seems to be falling apart. He experiences heartbreak worse than that of Nigeria. 

He is torn between two worlds. Does he go back to Nigeria or remain in the UK and keep on living a life of emptiness and misery? Find out in this breathtaking and hilarious movie. The opening scene is set in Nigeria and the rest of the movie is set in the UK. The Broken Brde is a new genration Nollywood movie. It is educational, culturally oriented and full of humour. 

The Nollywood movie is produced by Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, a London based PR Guru and Actress. Directed by George Kelly and Co-directed by Chucks Mordi.

Starring: Julie Coker (Veteran broadcaster and former miss West Africa), Theodora Ibekwe Oyebade, Olivia Eze, Verona Rose, Preston Toghanro, Roli Maku, Edity Ogharaerumi, George Buwa, Stephen Hammond, Steve Hawker, Ebiyemi Jemide, Prisca Richards Blackson, Onome Mowoe and Remi Edele.

 Written by: Noellin Imoh


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