Pauline Long and DJ Abrantee to Host BEFFTA 2014 & some list of Performers at the 6th Annual BEFFTA UK!


Pauline Long and DJ Abrantee

Top media personalities Abrantee Boateng of Capital Xtra radio and Pauline Long a TV presenter on Sky Channel 182 BEN TV are set to host Europe’s biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts. The two celebrities friends have a great chemistry hosting together. Last year they did a fantastic job presenting BEFFTA 2014.

This year we expect even a much greater performance. The 6th BEFFTA (Black Entertainment Film Fashion Television and Arts) awards is on 24th and 25th October at The Hippodrome. Stars from US, Africa, Canada, UK the Caribbean and the rest of Europe are expected to turn up in large number. BEFFTA awards honours and celebrates talented personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts.


Jermain Jackman

Jarmain Jackman, the winner of BBC series The Voice is set to perform live at the prestigious 6th annual BEFFTA awards UK. The extremely talented star who is currently signed to Music Group is set to entertain guests with his phenomenal performance that won the hearts of millions in the UK. Also hailed as the singing Prime Minister, the youth leader is involved with a number charities and mentors several youth. 

Tay Grin

 Tay Grin,Malawi’s hip-hop superstar is ready to rock BEFFTA UK 2014 with his electrifying performance. This will be the second time the Channel O award-wining rapper jets into the country this year after his major tour in August-September, where he performed at the Commonwealth Festival in Scotland, Manchester and Nottingham. Kieyen and Khaliyl

Kieyen and Khaliyl are about to make history as the youngest duo to headline Europe’s biggest award ceremony for black and ethnic personalities in entertainment, film, fashion, television and arts(BEFFTA). At the tender age of 5 and 9, these sensational children have already  caught worldwide attention and rocked the entertainment industry with their video content, generating millions of YouTube views and gaining a mass of celebrity fans.

Kieyan(9) is not only a rapper but a producer and has been credited at Britain’s next big producer on the rise by UK mega hip hop website The Jump Off. He also set out to inspire his peers by writing a song called I GET A’s’ and started a T-shirt line to accompany this anthem that helped build the esteem of young children. Meanwhile Khaliyl(5) was only 2 years old when his video caused a storm of global attention and he featured on the Ellen Degeneres Show in the US. The siblings have showcased a powerful gift featured on global mainstream media winning the hearts of millions. They are part of a family empire, their father Femi and Mother Roucheon are both award-winning artists and CEO of the brand FERO.

Nathalie Makoma

Nathalie Makoma, Europe’s stage diva and star of Dutch Idol is the headline act at BEFFTA UK 2014 awards ceremony. The pop and R&B singer previously signed by Sony BMG is expected to entertain the audience with her electrifying performance. Nathalie who also came second on celebrity TV series ‘Dancing With The Stars.

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