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Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji, Nigeria’s biggest blogger also known as the queen of  blog ‘Linda Ikeji’s Blog‘ was shut down late wednesday night over copyright and plagiarism issues. Well it turned out not to be all about plagiarism and copyrights. however a friend who helped her build u her blog felt abandoned and used bring it down to get attention.

Linda’s blog is up and running now and she took her time to explain to her over 400,000 fans about what actually happened. read it here for it is a very long article.

She also apologised for all the drama and accepted using peoples pictures without permission, but not using other people’s work. “My understanding of plagiarism is when you take someone’s work and republish it verbatim as your own work. I don’t do that. But if I have ever done that in the past then I apologise. It was an oversight. I do get a lot of original content, way more than any other blogger in this country. Some of the biggest news stories in this country in recent times was broken by LIB. From Goldie’s death (God rest her soul) Aluu4, ABSU rape, P-Square saga, Solomon Akiyesi and plenty more. And when I take news from other sources, I always credit them. When I don’t give credit is when the news is everywhere so I write it in my own words and make it mine. I don’t believe that is a crime. I admit that I have used photos without giving credit. I apologise. That will never happen again. You learn every day. And I have learnt from this“. she wrote. 

She  has decided to make her blog more official by recruiting writers and photographers, even getting a logo for her brand and allegedly looking for a website and a tv show. Her readers are very please to have her back saying she is back and going to be bigger and better!

However we hope this situation has thought people in the writing, media and entertainment industry a lesson about using peoples work and not giving them their due credit, even Linda the victim confess to learning from it. 

Linda with some of her fans during her birthday celebration in London last year:

Linda Ikeji

Linda Ikeji

Written by: Noellin Imoh

Photo credit: Sync Photos

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