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Carol Jiani

Carol Jiani is a UK based Nigerian recording artist. In 1980 Carol Jiani recorded two Sandy Wilbur-written pieces with La Greca, “Hit ‘N Run Lover” and “All The People of the World“. “Hit ‘N Run Lover” was remixed by San Francisco-based Moby Dick Records for their Gold Standard imprint and would become Jiani’s signature song, peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard Club Play Singles chart in 1981.

 On the heels of “Hit N Run Lover”‘s success, Matra Records commissioned a complete album, also titled Hit ‘N Run Lover. “The Woman in Me” was the album’s second single but its B-side, the uptempo “Mercy”, written by Pete Bellotte and Sylvester Levay which featured off-key horns, exceeded the A-side in popularity among DJs becoming another hit for Jiani. “Mercy“, the only track on the album not composed by Sandy Wilbur, was recorded earlier by Judy Cheeks.[4[5 A follow-up album, Ask Me was released the next year generating the singles “Ask Me”, “X-Rated” and “You’re Gonna Lose My Love“. In 1982, Jiani recorded vocals for “Get Up and Do It Again”. The song was a hit

Hello Carol Jiani, can you briefly introduce your self?

Thank you so much African Dazzle for this interview.Hello guys this is Nigerian Recording Artist based in the UK. I was born in Ibadan Nigeria i am Igbo my dad was the late Dr O Ikejiani and sister Miriam Ikejiani Clark and brother in law Chuba Okadigbo
In 1980 i recorded two Sandy Wilbur-written pieces with La Greca, “Hit ‘N Run Lover” and “All The People of the World“. “Hit ‘N Run Lover” was remixed by San Francisco-based Moby Dick Records for their Gold Standard imprint and would become my signature song, peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard Club Play Singles chart in 1981. On the heels of “Hit N Run Lover”‘s success, Matra Records commissioned a complete album, also titled Hit ‘N Run Lover. “The Woman in Me” was the album’s second single but its B-side, the uptempo “M
ercy”, written by Pete Bellotte and Sylvester Levay. My very first Album was released under my African name Uchenna Glenn. LaRusso of Salsoul Records convinced me to shorten my name from Uchenna  to my middle name  Carol  to make it easier for North Americans to pronounce now thatis a brief history.

How long have you been in the music industry and can you list some of your tracks? 

Hit ‘N Run Lover (1981)  
Hit ‘N Run Lover: The Best of Carol Jiani (1995)  
Ask Me (1982)  
Superstar (1996)  



  • Montreal, Featuring Uchenna Ikejiani, Salsoul Records SA 8519 (1978)


  • 1981: “Hit ‘N Run Lover”
  • 1981: “The Woman in Me” / “Mercy”
  • 1982: “Ask Me”
  • 1982 “You’re Gonna Lose My Love”
  • 1982: “X-Rated”
  • 1984: “Dancing in the Rain”
  • 1984: “Touch and Go Lover”
  • 1984: “Love Now Pay Later”
  • 1985: “Don’t Leave Me This Way”
  • 1985: “Vanity”
  • 1987: “Such A Joy Honey”
  • 1987: “Turning My Back and Walking Away”
  • 1988: “Hit ‘N Run Lover ’88”
  • 1988: “Funkin’ For The UK” with 3 Man Island
  • 1989: “Car Wash” with 3 Man Island
  • 1990: “It Should Have Been Me”
  • 1990: “No Matter Where”
  • 1994: “I Didn’t Know”
  • 1995: “Come and Get Your Love”
  • 1995: “Superstar”
  • 1996: “Kiss You All Over”
  • 2000: “Hit ‘N Run Lover 2000”
  • 2000: “The Queen”
  • 2005: “It’s Raining Men”
  • 2006: “Hit’n Run Lover 2006”
  • 2007: “Somebody Else’s Guy”
  • 2007: “Stop the Music” with Laurent Pautrat
  • 2007: “You’ve Changed” with Tommaso da Prato
  • 2007: “First Time I Saw You” with Jazz Voice
  • 2007: “Ask Me” with Mauzio Verbeni
  • 2007: “Keep On” with House Bros
  • 2008: “Never Knew Love” with Frank Savannah
  • 2008: “Fascinated” with Mondo
  • 2008: “Set Me Free” feat. DJ N Joy
  • 2008: “Hit ‘N Run Lover” with Didier Vanelli
  • 2008: “No More Chances” with Mad’ness & Yuri Presents My Lover
  • 2008: “You Are the One” with Stan Courtois
  • 2008: “I Don’t Wanna Talk About Love”
  • 2008: “Are You Man Enough?” (duet with Evelyn Thomas)
  • 2009: “I Am What I Am”
  • 2009: “Fighting Fire With Fire”
  • 2009: “Radio Active Love” (with Paul James)
  • 2009: “Let Me Show You” (with Viken Mardikian)
  • 2010: “Broken” (presented by Jimmy D Robinson)
  • 2011: “No More”
You recently won an Award, can you tell us more about it, and what it means to you?
 My recent award was amazing it was amazing.Believe it or not this was a proud moment for me it was the very first African Award presented to me thanks to Panache Founders Peace Priscilla Essien and Tade Olusile .As an Artist established in the west and grateful for the West without them i would not be who i am………..It is most important to be recorgnized by my Heritage indeed .


Can you define your style of music to a new fan and what sort of fans you are attracted to?
God when i started my career it was the great Disco Era.Disco is a genre of dance music containing elements of funk, pop, psychedelic and Latin music that was most popular in the 1970s, though it has since enjoyed brief resurgences, including in 2013. The term is derived from discothèque (French for “library of phonograph records”,I was considered a Disco Artist then we moved into the Dance Music Era and now i plan on moving into the Afro Beat Scene too to please everyone.

You had a hit single in 1980 with  “Hit ‘N Run Lover”, can you briefly tell us how you felt and what it meant to you as a musician?
Well music was really accidental for me because it saved my life .Long story short i was abused as a child and when i reported this to my dad i was sent away .Till today there is still a stigma attached to this and is still happening to young gilrs.Staying on the positive side when i had the hit it was the most amazing thing .It meant that i could now secure a roof over my head.It meant touring all over the world and working with Legends.
Most of all it meant all my hard work paid off and that i could turn something negative that happened to me into something positive.I learnt from the best most of the great American Female Vocalists as a lost African young Artist that was not protected as a childit meant that i could now standon the same stage with all the Legends.
Very simply Music saved my life.

Carol Jiani

Would you like to have another hit single in the future? Are you working on any new piece at the moment?
Yes indeed i have never stopped working and have continued to have club hits every year. My focus now is back home Nigeria music is a powerful tool that can be used to make change indeed.I am working on a new single for WORLD AIDS DAY to help support causes back in Nigeria. So yes having a hit back home means that we can give back and help our people and help prolong life.

Would you say the African Music industry is booming and how would you define it?
The African Music Scene is indeed booming love Afro Beat and we are all in agreement that it is exploding now according to Wikipedia 

Afrobeat is a combination of traditional Nigerian and Ghanaian music, jazz, highlife, funk, and chanted vocals, fused with percussion and vocal styles, popularised in Africa in the 1970s. Its main creator was the Nigerian multi-instrumentalist and band leader Fela Kuti, who gave it its name, who used it to revolutionize musical structure as well as the political context in his native Nigeria. It was Kuti who coined the term “afrobeat” upon his return from a U.S. tour with his group Nigeria ’70 (formerly Koola Lobitos). Afrobeat features chants, call-and-response vocals, and complex, interacting rhythms.

We are living in very difficult times and our people love to dance and forget their problems especially the youth.

Apart from music what other passions have you got?
I am passionate about healthcare back home.GETTING READY FOR WORLD AIDS DAY
Africa has a serious lack of healthcare facilities in rural areas.I want to secure more medical mobile clinics for HIV TESTING.
The statistics are staggering. It is estimated that three-quarters of the World Aids Population lives in Sub – Saharan Africa.Most have no access to lifesaving drugs,testing facilities or even basic preventative healthcare.
As a Recording Artist in the public eye i want to do my best and make sure that all deserve a prolonged life.

We have noticed your ongoing campaign for good healthcare and safer roads in Nigeria, tell us more about this project?
Health without that we have nothing Nigeria should have free healthcare especailly when people pay taxes .We need healthcare services like we have here in the UK the NHS.It is a disgrace that the hospitals are not equiped and not enough clinics especailly those in the villages.Infastructor how can we get to people quick enough to save lives in an emergency when the roads are a death trap themselves.
The list is vast Doctors are not paid hospitals will not treat you unless you pay up front what kind of madness is that what happened to the Hipocratic Oath. Our people desreve better we have natural resources we are a wealthy country but we keep flying people to India we have become a begging nation when we should be leading equiped with the best hospitals.We have not got clean water how many more times will we raise funds to De worm children in schools and as soon as they leave to go back home thay are contaminated allover again.
Mismanagement of funds we have fools incharge and in Authourity i want to make change.
Hippocratic Oath – Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia
The Hippocratic Oath (Greek ὅρκος horkos) is an oath historically taken by physicians and physician assistants. It is one of the most widely known of Greek ..

This story made me angry reprted by CKN NIGERIA.

Popular dancer, Kemi Omotoyinbo dies during child birth.

The late choreographer, who danced for several popular musicians including Pasuma, KWAM 1 and Shina Peters, died during childbirth in a private hospital in Lagos on October 1, exactly 20 days after her wedding to husband, Godwin Eloanyi,

Her husband, Godwin Eloanyi took her to a private hospital where she was in and out of labour for several days.

When it was certain that it wasn’t possible for her to have a natural childbirth, the doctors informed her that she’ll be undergoing a Cesarean Section but the operation would cost N450k.

Then they demanded an initial deposit of N300k before the commencement of the operation.

Her husband couldn’t raise the money immediately so he begged the hospital to carry on with the operation that he would pay the next day (October 1st). But they refused!

Sadly, Kemi passed away on the night of Independence Day. He died exactly 20 days after her wedding, which was on September 13th.

Here’s an eye witness account of one of Kemi’s friends:

“Kemi wouldn’t have died if the doctors did pay attention to her. She was in labour for several days and was asked to pay certain amount of money before she could be operated upon. The truth is that Kemi was in labour for over one week. She tried in vain to give birth the normal way but the baby just didn’t come.

Eventually the doctor told her she would have to go through C&S. It was termed emergency C&S. The hospital told her husband that they would have to pay a sum of 450,000 for her to be operated upon. He also said that before anything could be done they would have to make a deposit of 300,000. The husband made several efforts to raise 300,000 but deposited all he had. He begged the doctors to please go ahead with the operation and would pay before the next day. That was on October 1st , the night she died.”

“Kemi’s husband said he would pay the money the next day but the doctor refused and stated categorically that he would not move an inch, unless he pays 300,000. It was at that point Kemi decided to forward messages to people she knows so she could get help. She got responses that money would be made available to her the next day. On hearing that the husband went to beg the doctors again, still they refused. No bank was opened and nothing could be done until Thursday, October 2nd but unfortunately she gave up the ghost that night. My point is, the doctors knew she had to go through emergency C&S. They could have saved her life and get the money later. Nigeria is a very bad country I must confess.” one of her friends said.

What are the changes you would like to see, and who do you expect to bring these changes
God the list is vast first of all we need to start acting and behaving like civilized human beings.THE BLACK AFRICAN MAN HAS THE BLACK AFRICAN MAN IN BONDAGE.Treat our people with respect the leaders should be for the people. They are human beings for Gods sake made in his image.
Now we need to restore and change our peoples thinking by respecting them.

We need to secure now free healthcare,24/7 Electricity affordable homes,better hospitals building clinics on every conner.introducing a welfare system to support the needy. rebuilding roads like we have here in the west .Security is a major thing secure the country. Increase the minimum wage and scrap the 2 yr advance rent that our poeple pay free education . I could go on the list is so so vast.

Get rid of those in power that do not understand the job or know what they are doing.We need some of the laws to be changed and removed.For those that believe the Bible did 
say thou shall not kill or judge.

How will these changes make Nigeria a better place?
Very simple treat people right with respect and you will see a change people have become so angry and have lost all sense of logic that they have stooped so low and desperate and kidnapp folks because they are desperate.
Introduce a welfare system it is a mess people are starving and homeless and desperate.

I want to see a change i am using music to penertrate the system and help make change .Music and sports are powerful tools lets get the angry youth off the streets stimulate them.We have so much talent back home .I mange an amazing Artist and great songwriter JONAN thank you for interviewing him and supporting him.

That is how we can all make change back home we have the talent back home.We have a crisis at the moment with the EBOLA VIRUS lets get our hospitals in order train and equip out medical staffs back home before it is too late.

Still a concern where are the missing girls ? “BRING BACKOUR GIRLS”

I look forward to part 2 of the interview thank you.

It was amazing having this interview with Carol Jiani, she is an amazing person with a big heart not only for her fans but for her nation as well. We wish her all the best with her projects. Yes there will be a part 2 of this interview because we support her music and work. She is a Dazzling African indeed!

Interviewed by: Noellin Imoh
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