Deaconess Sandra Nelson has been described as a woman of Grace.  As a woman, she carries her virtue and love of God within her and displays it outwardly through her ministry.  Miracles always occur in the lives of each individual she comes into contact with. Lately many women are rejoicing and cheering about the wonderful prophecy and fulfilment she has brought to their lives through a motivational book that she wrote, called; Super Abundance Grace.

The book is a short read, yet the information within goes such a long way in guiding people in their journey. Super Abundance grace is circulating the globe and has succeeded in its mission to transcend the hearts and lives of so many women.

 “My daughter read my copy yesterday and after few pages she said: Mum this book is very simple to understand and powerful in words. She continued to say mummy I read books without knowing the Author and all I do is to picture the Author but with this book I know the author and the words in the book echo her life style…” Adelaide Ansah (UK)

“This book super abundance grace is a manual for life. It explains how you should work your faith and never give up whatever circumstance you are going through the book tells us it is never too late. I would just like to say a very big thank you to the author; Deaconess Sandra Nelson for such a book like this. The many testimonies shared in this book are encouraging and it feels as though I am at lady to lady event…(sic)

The book talks about forgiveness and moving on in your life to greater heights through Christ Jesus. I know that as a result of this book family’s are being restored, women that were called barren are going to be pregnant, crime will decrease and the glory of God will be seen like never before. What you need to do now is get this book. If you feel you are at your last bustop, like their is nothing else you can do, don’t give up read this book and your life will never remain the same. This book will transform your life.” Aaliyah (UK)

What is Super Abundance Grace?

In order to understand grace in abundance, one would revert to the dictionary meaning. The dictionary defines grace as “smoothness and elegance of movement.“

More words are included in the dictionary to define grace;- elegance, poise, finesse, charm and engaging these attributes requires putting them to work, through our behaviours and attitudes.

“grace can also be described as the outward reflection of the divine influence in the human spirit. The grace of God is supernatural; it brings favour, prosperity, healing, supernatural increase and promotion into our lives. Grace also brings acceptability, honour, and dignity to us, causing us to reign in life. Grace attracts the right people into our lives and makes us do the right things at the right time. “ (Taken from the book;- Super Abundance Grace). 

According to Sandra Nelson;- the author of ‘Super Abundance Grace;’ the dictionary is not the only place to find grace! She agrees that grace is all of these things but it also carries with it, a supernatural element.


For more details on the book, or to purchase a copy now, click here and visit amazon.

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