LOVE or SOMETHING LIKE THAT London Movie Premiere Night!


The London premiere of “LOVE OR SOMETHING LIKE THAT” which took place on friday the 28th of November at Odeon Cinema, Greenich was a night full of fun, Excitement and all round Glam. The Cast and Crew of this movie came out in style. They came prepared to really woowed their fans and they sure did. The lead Actors in the Movie John Dumelo, Joselyn Dumas, OC Ukeje and the Director and Producer Shirley Frimpong were all present on the night and the buzz was real good.

The cast all came in and interacted with the crowd on the Red carpet and really did create such a fun and good laughs to the start of the Night. They were also some celebrities present on the night including Marlon Wendell (Big Brother contestant 2014), Hannah barrett, Derry Mensah (X factor contestant 2011) and many others.

The Movie itself which is about the story of a loving couple whose life was affected by the mistake of the past of one of them that ended in them having a life threatening virus which was a very sweet sour story (Not to give too much away) it gave the crowd alot to be excited about. The Movie was Educative, Interesting, Entertaining, Fun, Sad, Romantic, Informative and all round a very Heartfelt Great movie of such a Trival topic to be passed along to the general public in hope to create awareness and Educate them whilst Entertaining.

The Crowd all seems to love the movie and the way it played out. There were cheers and screams and just all round touching sounds doing the preview of the movie which shows that it engaged the audience and they were entertained by it.


We love the Movie. we think the message of it was a great one, the acting was just sooo good Joselyn Dumas really did play this part like it was real. John Dumelo as always was a charm and we were really really impressed by OC Ukeje role in this movie. he played it out oh so well. 


Shirley Again did a good job of directing on this one as it was overall a well played and great directing of the movie and we just love love it and this is defo a step higher for the African Film and it shows a very great screenplay and the quaity of it was to no fault, great sound and great quality picture too.

A big welldone to all the cast and crew of this Movie. We cant wait to see it on the big screens and if you missed the premiere, we will keep you updated as to where and when it will be showing soon.




Written by: Gold Ola

Photo Credit: Sync Photos –

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