AFUA’S DIARY Movie London Premiere Night!


The Movie premiere which took place last night at Odeon Cinema, Greenich was a fanstatic night!. The London Premiere of this great Movie was organised and hosted by DJAMEDIA which as always was a well organised and put together night. The whole cast and crew of the movie were all present on the night and it was such a delight and a very exciting night.

The premiere night started with the red carpet which did start on time and there were some special guest in attendance on the night too. The Movie itself started showing at 9pm and it was soooo good that everyone was glued to their seat and enjoyed it.

The Movie which was centered around a Ghanian girl (Cleopatra wood) who lives in the UK whilst her visa was expired and dealing with the stress of getting a stay, an alcoholic father and an Ex problem, she has more than alot on her plate to keep her going…Her story soon changed after meeting the love of her life Alan Freeman (Fabio Abraham)The story which was based on a true life story and then some really did focus on the problem africans as a whole do go through all in the name of leaving abroad. it was a very touching one, emotional, funny, engtertaining, romantic and most especially educative and all round family movie (Watch the Movie to find out how it unfold!).

The Writer and producer Bibi Owusu explained how the movie came about, the process of it and just generally what great team they had taking in this project and being happy with the outcome of the production. But she wasnt the only one as everyone in the audience had positive remarks to say to the cast and crew after the movie showing. it is definately going down as one of the best African UK movie this year. It was directed by Ben Owusu and this is his first feature movie and just graduating fresh out of uni and we must say he did an Amazing job and great things to come to him after this. A great Duo we must say.

Overall we love this movie and will recommend to everyone to watch. It is not your typical everyday nollywood UK movie, it is a British Cinema it had substance from the story itself, to the directing, the acting, the picture quality, sound and whole production of the movie was to no fault and we love it so much we would give it an 8/10 it was that good.

A big welldone and congratulations to all the cast and crew invlved in this movie, it is defo going places.


Written by: Gold Ola

Photo Credit: Idris (Ismiles Photos)

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  1. Love the film…..
    I can’t wait to see it everywhere and on YouTube.

    What I most like about it….. Is the Italian actor.

    O M G,!,!,!,!, GREAT ACTOR
    he is so handsome, talented, great posture, lovely accent; and I was wondering…… He should be acting in Hollywood. I’m not sure if he is acting in Hollywood now or not but I’m sure very very soon I will see him acting beside big super stars.

    Well done everyone…..
    I do really recommend Afua’s Diary for everyone 🙂


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