MUM, DAD MEET SAM Movie London Premiere Night!! “One of The BEST African – British Movie we have seen”


mum, dad meet sam, theodora ibekwe

The Movie premiere of African – British Cinema Hit Movie MUM, DAD MEET SAM which premieres on Saturday the 6th of December at Genesis Cinema in whitechapel was a fabulous and Exciting night. It was full of talent, stars and major major people in the industry who Genuinely could not wait to see this Movie and My OH My was it Worth it?

This Movie is by far one of the Best Nigerian UK Movie we have seen till date. It was full of life, Great talents and honest and pure entertainment. The Night started off with the Red carpet Reception which brought out alot of people who are excited to watch the movie on the big screen and see it come to life after all the Buzz that has build over the month.

The Movie which was based around the norm of african parents not accepting the rose (As the writers describe it) was good enough to come into the african home and in this case was for their son marrying outside of his culture, country, race and much more.

The Writers and producers of these Movie Segilola Ogidan and Edith Nwekenta who also starred in the movie, explained how this came to life. “As much as it is about sharing a story of what happened in the African home of not accepting the white being good enough for them, it was more of woman coming together and taking on a challenge and making it work. It is time for us to start doing not just taking about it! And this Movie was just the beginning of that for both of us as Talented and Independent women.” They said

We can not fault this movie and there is so many good things we want to say about it and lets starts with the talent in it. We were very impressed with the acting and delivery of the cast in the movie. Everyone shined and was on top of it with their various roles.

Overall this is a great family movie for any and everyone to watch!. As in you will laugh from the start to the end, there was no dull moment, no unnecessary bit, it was just pure Act CLASS MOVIE!. The Acting, directing, sound and picture quality was all perfection!!!

For us this is a 10/10 Movie and yes it could be better but then that will be for another movie but for this time its MUM, DAD MEET SAM EXCELLENT!. Its going places.


Written by: Gold Ola

Photo Credit: Sync Photos and Idris (Ismiles Photos)


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