British National Film Awards endorses British-Ghanaian film Afua’s Diary!

Cleopatra Wood
Bibi Owusu Shadbolt’s  Afua’s diary, directed by Ben Owusu has received rave reviews from the British press following its premiere on Friday 5th of December. The film, which stars British super model Cleopatra Wood, Italian actor Fabio Abraham and Ghana’s own KSM, centers on a Ghanaian marketing graduate in the UK and the trials and tribulations she goes through as her student visa runs out.

Her situation is made worse by the constant nagging of her boyfriend and the demands from her Ghana-based alcoholic father (KSM). Afua eventually meets the man of her dreams but finds hersef in an even more complicated situation.

Even though Afua’s Diary is a love story, the talk of the evening was the father-daughter relationship between KSM and Cleopatra wood. Audiences were kept in stitches by Mr Forson’s (KSM) outrageous stories to get Afua to send him money and Afua’s (Cleopatra Wood) vulnerability. The movie is relatable to diverse audiences and has been described as a ‘crossover movie that can break into mainstream markets’.

The British national awards, which recognises the work of UK based indie film makers, were invited to the premiere and have selected Afua’s Diary as the editors pick of the week.

Afua’s Diary will be screened across the UK in the new year before heading to Africa, with Ghana scheduled to be the first destination.

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