Nollywood icon Liz Benson stars in Actress Stephanie Linus latest film ‘Dry’ a story that Analyze Child Marriage!


Liz Benson Dry Movie

Nollywood Legend well known as Liz Benson is now Liz Ameye appears in yet another educational Nollywood movie. ‘Dry‘ is the latest production from Nollywood Actress turned producer Stephanie Linus. A private screening of the movie took place in Aberystwyth Art Centre in Wales where part of the movie was shoot.

Liz Benson Dry Movie

Dry is a very educational film which looks into underaged marriage among young women and children. It narrats the story of a thirteen year old girl whose poor uneducated parents marries her off to a 60 year old man, who constantly rapes her. The young girl called Halima gets pregnant and suffers Vesicovaginal Fistula (VVF) after child delivery, she’s consequently abandoned by her husband and discriminated against in the society. Zara (Stephanie Linus), a medical doctor who also suffered a horrific childhood meets Halima, she tries to help her get through her situation and also save other young women under such circumstance.

The movie stars  Stephanie Linus her self, Liz Benson, William McNamara, Darvin Shaw,  Paul Sambo and some few more. We believe this movie carries a powerful massage and we hope to see it premiered in cinemas near us and  around the world.

Some few Pictures from the Private Screening:

Stephanie Linus Dry Movie

Stephanie Linus And Liz Benson Dry Movie

Stephanie Linus Dry Movie

Liz Benson Dry Movie

Dry Movie

Written by: Noellin Imoh


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