Actress Fatima Maada Bio ask her fans to keep the people of Sierra Leone in their prayers this Festive Season!


‘At Christmas we reflect on the birth of Christ and spend time with family and friends to share in joy of the moment. It is a period that provides us with an opportunity to recharge our batteries for the New Year ahead. Although Christmas is supposed to be a moment of happiness for all, it is not quite the case for many around the world.

In Sierra Leone for example, Ebola is on the rampage decimating whole communities and leaving in its wake broken homes, orphans and a sense of hopelessness for a people that were already going through hard times. The Ebola Virus Disease continues to destroy valuable lives on a daily basis with no end in sight. Many who have been infected have died, but the whole country is affected and suffering immensely. The scourge is ripping apart the social fabric of our country, a country that is barely reeling from 11 years of a bitter civil war. So for the people in Sierra Leone, this season will not be a happy one.

As a mother, I can feel the pain of so many in Sierra Leone especially those hard-working mothers who have lost loved ones to EVD. I call on all my fans around the world to keep the people of Sierra Leone in their prayers. In the same vein, I appeal to the government and the international community to continue to stand by the country at this hour of need. My special thanks to the heroes – the health professionals, who have been fearless in the face of this cruel and merciless enemy.

Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year

Fatima Maada Bio.

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