Pauline Long pays tribute to Mayor of Lambeth Councillor Adedamola Aminu!


Pauline Long and Mayor of Lambeth Councilor

Award-winning media personality and BEFFTA founder Pauline Long started the year on a high note mingling with inspirational leaders. The TV presenter had a grand tour of Lambeth Town Hall and official visit to the 2nd Mayor of Lambeth since 1900. An incredible man committed to serving the community Cllr Adedamola Aminu. 

The philanthropist shared pictures on her Facebook saying, “What an honour to spend time with a great leader who is there for the people, the Mayor of Lambeth Cllr Adedamola Aminu. His message to the African community in the Diaspora is to unite and speak with one voice so that the government can hear us.” She added, “Did you know that you can take your immigration issues, council housing issues and anything affecting you and your family to your Mayor or Councillor? 

During the official visit of the Mayor’s office, the Labour Councillor revealed, “Africans must engage with the leaders they have elected, we are there to serve you. My door is open for all,”

More Pictures:

Pauline Long and Adedamola Aminu


Pictures by: IsmilesPhoto


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