It’s the New Year and while we are grateful for a fresh start, it makes us miss the Christmas cheer even just for a teenie weenie bit.  All those gifts!

Selecting the right Christmas gift sure isn’t easy, so if you’re not very confident about the gift you got, don’t feel too bad, your family or friends could easily resell them and receive the monetary value instead.

If you ended up with a pile of presents you didn’t want this Christmas season, why not resell them on That’s what some of our sellers did!

Let’s share with you some interesting Christmas gifts people resold on Kaymu last year!

Automatic Toothpaste DispenserOn the surface it makes you think, who actually gives a toothpaste dispenser as a Christmas gift? Is it me or that just suggests….you know what never mind! However when you think it through this is a very useful household item and the kids will definitely be fascinated by it. What’s more it serves as a toothbrush holder and is cost as low as 2500 naira. 

Avon Scenti Nights: Ever thought of blueberries, magnolia and blonde wood, whatever that is? Well neither have I but it sure sounds heavenly now that I think about it! It reminds me of carefree fun that lasts all night and makes me wonder why it was ever resold; well one lucky buyer will get the chance to experience this scent. Thank you Santa! 

Mini Cupcake And Muffin Maker: Who doesn’t love cupcakes? I sure do and what’s more you can get not one or two but 7 cupcakes or muffins in less than 10 minutes! Talk about caketastic! Where all my cake lovers at? 

Pen Camera Video Gadget: It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a pen camera video gadget! If you’re a tech blondie like some, I see why you’d resell it however gadget freaks will go crazy over this smart device. It’s a pen, it’s a USB, and it records videos too? That’s some super power! Do you know someone who’d love this? Why not cop it for them? Thank me later.

USB Water Bubble Mix Fountain Speaker: This super cool gadget can be connected to your electronic devices and you’d sure love to see the water dancing to the beat of your music. Now how cool is that?! Brighten up your space with this cute and gadget. 

What are you waiting for? Let’s get shopping!

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