Nollywood Movie Maker Lonzo Nzekwe releases first official poster for his latest movie, ‘Meet The Parents!


Meet The Parents Movie by Lonzo Nzekwe

Lonzo Nzekwe is a Nollywood director and a independent moviemaker who was known for  his first time popular emotional movie that got people talking, ‘Anchor Baby‘, which stared Omoni Oboli and Sam Sarpong. Well he is back again, this time with, ‘Meet The Parents.

Meet The Parents  movie is currently in post production. The story is inspired by the song Meet The Parents (Blueprint 2 album) by Jay Z. The movie stars Nicole Gabriel, Church Chizzle and Justice Emeni as lead actors. The movie actually sound great from what we have seen, we enjoyed Lonzo’s first movie and know he can only get better with this latest movie. 

Some pictures from the making of the movie:

Written by: Noellin Imoh


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