‘THE OTHER SIDE’ movie open in Nigeria cinemas from the 20th of Feb to 20th March 2015!


The Other Side‘ Movie starring Uche Jumbo RodriguezDtymi Ngozi Ibe, American based Nollywood actress, writer and producer, and Chet Bashari Anekwe a New York based actor and director hits Nigerian cinemas for one month, from the 20th of February until the 20th of March 2015.

The Other Side is a controversial Nollywood story filmed in the beautiful city of Houston, TX, USA. Another great movie from Krosslinc Films and Elkar Film Works Productions, produced by Dtymi Ngozi Ibe and Directed by Ike Nnaebue


Ike (Chet Anekwe) has got a strong motive to want to commit this crime but he has a rock solid alibi. Oge (Dtymi Ngozi Ibe) is beautiful and rich; she has no baggage, so it’s very convenient for him. Natasha (Uche Jumbo) will fight so hard to keep her man.


Other stars in the movie includes: Chet Bashari Anekwe, Joe Grisaffi, Susan Nwokedi, John Johnny, Mach Maciag, Mia Ruiz Gregory, McGregor and Aaron Davidson. 

Some Pictures from the Shooting of the Movie:

Dtymi Ngozi Ibe

The Other Side Movie


Written by: Noellin Imoh



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