Hona Africa’s “AM I NOT A MOTHER?” To Be Screened at The BFI


London, UK – On February 13th 2015 Hona Africa’s short film, “Am I Not A Mother?” will be screened at the “Celebrate:Connect” event hosted by S.O.U.L (Screening Our Unseen Lives) at The BFI.Hona Africa saw the need to raise awareness on the often misdiagnosed and misunderstood condition of Post Natal Depression, particularly in the African community. The focus of the film is on Zimbabwean mothers who have suffered from the stigma of having this condition. The aim of “Am I Not A Mother?” is to share the stories of these women and to inspire others to speak up and seek support.  

“Celebrate:Connect” is S.O.U.L.‘s first initiative and has been created in response to the need for  black filmmakers to have more platforms to showcase their work  and will offer them an opportunity to network and support each other. The organisation is working to improve the representation of BAME communities both in front of and behind the camera and will focus on practical, measurable change in the media.


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