Nollywood Multi Award Winning Actress/Producer, Roseline Sanni-Ajose set to venture into her next Movie Project!


An American Director Land in London for a Pre-Production meeting with Multi-Award winning Actress and Producer, Roseline sanni-Ajose, (Diaspora Face of Nollywood) earlier this week for her next movie project. They went around london scouting for locations. 

When approached to give us more detail about this new project and what it’s all about, she refused to give out much. Roseline is known for her first movie LABO (Life Is a Journey), a movie shot and premiered in London and Nigeria . LABO also landed her the Diaspora Face of Nollywood Award in Germany last year. We are definitely going to keep you posted on this project as we can’t wait to see her new work.
Check-out the pictures:

 Roseline Sanni-Ajose, Deputy High Commissioner to United Kingdom and American Director

Written by: Noellin Imoh

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