Exclusive Interview with UK recording artist & recent BEFFTA Entertainment Icon Award holder, Carol Jiani!

Carol Jiani

We catch up with  Carol Jiani a UK based Nigerian recording artist for the second time on the continuation of an exclusive interview. The “Hit ‘N Run Lover” singer is honoured with BEFFTA Entertainment Icon Award 2014.

If you missed her first interview, you can read it here

Carol Jiani is a very lovely woman who knows a lot about the music industry because it has been part of her life for so long. She once again let us in into her world, talking about Her Award, Music and projects at hand.

We are aware you received a BEFFTA Award this year, Congratulations can you tell us about it?

I received the BEFFTA ENTERTAINMENT  ICON AWARD very proud of this indeed .Omotola Jalade-Ekeinde became the first movie star to be awarded with the special BEFFTA honorary award in the film category in 2012, other high profile personalities who received BEFFTA special award this year include Sir Trevor McDonald OBE recipient of BEFFTA LIFETIME ACHIEVEMENT award.

I was presented the award on the Pauline Long Show the founder of BEFFTTA AWARD. As a Nigerian Recording Artist it really sets the standard.


In 1980 i recorded two Sandy Wilbur-written pieces with La Greca, “Hit ‘N Run Lover” and “All The People of the World”. “Hit ‘N Run Lover” was remixed by San Francisco-based Moby Dick Records for their Gold Standard imprint and would become Jiani’s signature song, peaking at number 4 on the US Billboard Club Play Singles chart in 1981.[4 On the heels of “Hit N Run Lover”‘s success, Matra Records commissioned a complete album, also titled Hit ‘N Run Lover. “The Woman in Me” was the album’s second single but its B-side, the uptempo “Mercy”, written by Pete Bellotte and Sylvester Levay which featured off-key horns, exceeded the A-side in popularity among DJs becoming another hit for Jiani. “Mercy”, the only track on the album not composed by Sandy Wilbur, was recorded earlier by Judy Cheeks.[4[5 A follow-up album, Ask Me was released the next year generating the singles “Ask Me”, “X-Rated” and “You’re Gonna Lose My Love”. 
I have been in the business for so long and so proud that Africans are now embracing me a Legend in my own time haha.

Leaving in London, how do you see black entertainment in general, lets start with music, what are the changes you will like to see take place by Africans for Africans in Diaspora?
Music is such a powerful tool it saved my life indeed. The music business has changed alot since i started my career it was much more fun. We worked hard to perfect our gifts .You were specific and said Black Entertainment…Now we need to rise above the petty side of things i have noticed that we do not support each other in the business and that is so bad we need to improve on this and give credit where credit it due.We still have a of of work to do so many young talented lets use the tool and get the kids off the streets.

I would like to see these changes with the Africans .Support each other .Pay people to work i am tired of seeing Africans pay venues ,hotels etc… without question and yet when it comes to paying the Artist to perform they do not respect and honor this. It is a job for those that believe even the Bible said that if you do not work you will not eat. We have people that will get up attend church on Sunday but not practice what they preach PAY THE AFRICAN ARTIST TO PERFORM PERIOD.

We noticed you are raising some funding for a good cause, can you enlighten us about your work and how others can paticipate?

Thank you for asking me about this i support a few back home and here in the UK in 1986 when i was signed to MCA RECORDS i performed for a few AIDS CHARITIES AND HOMELESS CHARITIES . Well in the last few years i started to concentrate on our heritage because we have so many problems back home with healthcare . People are dying back home we do not have a healthcare system like the NHS to support people.As a recording Artist in the public eye it is a duty to lead the way to help make change.So many have asked for help well you see it people are hungry the West are more generous Africans do not support as they should, only 4 Africans supported my cause and made Donations. My fans Western fans support my causes they have kept this going. Africans need to change their thinking and support our own. 

You can help this by sharing my link on your profile and this interview thank you.

Support Disco Diva Carol Jiani’s most worthy cause!

DONATE………..Click The Link For Details Much Love


What are the projects you have at hand and what are you aiming at in the nearest future?

 I would love to organize a recording that would go on for many years helping our people period since the leaders have failed.
Healthcare is a priority for me back home building affordable homes for our people campaigning for all these road safety God we all have work to do. Thank you for giving me the platform to speak my mind.


You have been in the music industry for a long time what advice to you have for aspiring musicians?

I would say to Artist’s remain humble because without the fans we would not be who we are . Thank them all the time i reply to all my fans. Learn the business side of things understand it and never drop your standards get paid it is  a job period.


So tell us, What are the list of your favourite things?

 My favorite things. I love flowers Roses and Peony. I love collecting vintage Jug and Bowls and vintage Tea Cups and Saucers.

And to close this lovely interview, can you give us a list of things you dislike
I dislike Hipocrisy,and those that take me for granted,The Evil in this world, Injustice the way Africans are treated back in Africa by leaders the list is vast.

 Thank you very much for the time and interview. We wish you all the best in your projects and hope to have you some other time.

Interviewed by: Noellin Imoh

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