A Photographer Wanted to Join African Dazzle Magazine Growing Team!


Photographer Wanted!


African Dazzle Magazine team are looking for a passionate, professional and reliable photographer to join our growing dazzling Team.

  • Do you have a professional camera?

  • Are you a student or just a passionate photographer?

  • Do you read about  African Entertainment News?

  • Do you want to perfect your paparazzi techniques in the real world?

  • Do you leave in London?

Photographer will be mainly attending African related events around London, such as Movie Premieres, Fashion Shows, Award Events, Music Concerts, Private parties and many more for exclusive photos.

Photographer will be the official Photographer for African Dazzle Magazine and this could be handy either in college, your personal project or while growing your own business.

If you are interested, send an email to; african.dazzle@gmail.com with some of your work sample as soon as possible if you have any. We would love  to hear from you.


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