BEFFTA Founder, Pauline Long Supports Footballer, Didier Drogba at Charity Found Raising Event!


Pauline Long and Didier Drogba

BEFFTA founder/CEO, tv personality and philanthropist, Pauline Long attended Footballer and philanthropist Didier Drogba charity event last night the 18th of April, at the London Dorchester hotel. The event was to raise money for  hospital and education in his home country Ivory Coast.

Pauline Long and Thierry Henry Footballer

Pauline Long and John Terry

As a philanthropist her self, she was proud and inspired by the footballer who has built a hospital and educating over  5000 children in Ivory Coast. She also met with other top footballers who came to support, including Thierry Henry, Jermain DefoeChelsea’s captain and former England captain John Terry and many more.



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