Alexx Ekubo Works & Play Hard While in London For His 29th Birthday. He Touched The Sky While Sky Diving Too!


This is so exciting! Nollywood handsome and popular actor, Alexx Ekubo treated himself to a sky diving adventure while in London for his 29th Birthday, on the 10th of April. “I’ve always wanted to touch the sky, so i did…LITERALLY!!! he said. Well he made sure his fans enjoyed the experience with him through this video.

Alex Ekubo

Alex Ekubo

The Nollywood sweetheart dared himself this time with unfamiliar hubbies including ice skating, riding the boris bicycle around London, Private tour of the Emirates Stadium to name a few. He took to his Instagram page to share the pictures of what he was up to fun wise during his stay. He wrote and we quote “Life is short, find what makes you happy and JUST DO IT!!!, “Don’t take life too serious, we are all not getting out of it Alive, anyway“. he added.

The Champagne movie star, has indeed had a busy few weeks while in Europe. First was the movie premiere of ‘SingleMarried&Complicated’ in Dublin, Ireland, then another movie premiere in London, ‘Champagne“, and days after day occupied with radio and TV interviews while in London. He obviously worked and a played hard. 

Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

Pictures: Instagram


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