Afrique Alliance delivers 9000 signature petition on Xenophobia to world leaders!


Afriqu3 Alliance Delivers petition on Xenophobia

As the global African community and the world grieves from the shocking xenophobic disturbances in South Africa. The organisation which is committed to uniting Africans worldwide, Afrique Alliance, coordinated and campaigned for petition to world leaders. On Monday 20th April, they come out and made a firm statement on the issue as well, pressuring South African President, Jacob Zuma to take immediate and proactive stance to stop the uprising that saw black foreign nationals killed brutally on the streets in broad daylight.

Petition addressees included, the European Commission. President Donald, the United Nations Ban Ki-moon, USA President Barack H. Obama, The British Foreign & Commonwealth Office, in courtesy to the South African High Commissioner. In receiving the petition from the Afrique Alliance Chairperson, Ms. Pauline Long. On behalf of EU President, Jacqueline Minor. As the UK Head of Representation, expressed the horror and concern for lives at the sight of the media reports on public domain. Applauding the work and effort to raise the issue through the petition. She noted that President Zuma will be attending the upcoming summit in Brussels.

Our primary concern is to restore order and the rule of law in the streets of South Africa. Let me assure you the petition will be handed over to Brussels and a follow up pursued”, she said.

The United Nations London office also acknowledged the petition. Expressing how moved they were, by the number of people from different parts of the world who showed concern about the situation in South Africa. “Sadly we could not hand over the petition to the US Embassy as we felt our reception was far below the respect datum line. Despite having prior arrangement to formally hand in the petition. To our shock we were only entertained via the security fence. We then politely thank them and departed the premises, enroute to the South African High Commission”. The Afrique Alliance founder and President Simbarashe Patrick Nyanhanga lamented.

At South Africa House, the team was privileged to be received by the visibly grieving High Commissioner Obed Mlaba. The High Commissioner and his team expressed sincere appreciation at the diplomatic gesture, the world and Afrique Alliance team had showed even during such a difficult time.

       “As you are here, I want you to know that we are deeply hurt and shocked as well at the situation. I wish I can tell you where this is coming from and why but we also do not understand it. What I can assure you is that President Jacob Zuma has commissioned a team to map and work out an immediate and lasting solution to the Xenophobia. We appreciate your coming to us to open and hold dialogue diplomatically. You could have chosen to be throwing stones at us and wave strong worded placards. But you have expressed immense respect to us to which we are grateful and will convey to Pretoria”. Said High Commissioner Mlaba.

Pauline Long Speaking at the European commission

Afrique Alliance wishes to implore the world to join them, the South African community and the world in solidarity to rebuild relations, communities and all affected by xenophobia, to get lasting resolutions and solution to the situation.


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