iROKO TV Is Set To Launch a dedicated African Movie Section on Netflix!


Popular African online movie channel Iroko TV has signed a deal with Netflix, the on-demand online streaming media platform. This means there will soon be a dedicated African movie section on the top popular and one of the biggest streaming movie platform Netflix. Africans in the diaspora are well excited about this as it will help them connect to home through movies.

It was a proud moment for Jason Njoku, founder of Iroko TV. The deal was reportedly sealed after months of negotiation between Netflix and Iroko TV.

Jason Njoku Founder Iroko TV

This is something I yearned for with YouTube so many years ago, and was ultimately the reason I created IROKOtv,” says Njoku. “Obviously with 57m subscribers globally, working with Netflix is a great first step to widening or at least improving the visibility of Nollywood. Which again is super important to us at iROKO,” he added.

This is another platform that will help bring Nollywood movies to a wider audience, mostly in this day and age where most movie lovers are open to new ideas. Nollywood will attract more foreign viewers with Netflix as an extended hand. The sky can only be the limit.

Congratulations to Jason and his team.


Written by: Noellin Imoh

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