Does It Pay To Have Your Life All Planned Out To A Certain Extent?


Editors Thought: Is A Planned Out Life Style Truly Worth it At the End?

Most people follow a strict life time plan, while other just leave life as the day goes by. Would it be safe to know that your Education, Career or Love- life is all planned out either by yourself, your parents or guardian? or would you rather face reality in other not to get disappointed since your chances get bigger when you expect. Just as they saying goes, you only get disappointed when you expect.

Would it be safe to have a mapped out life-journey and face the hard times to conquer as they come? Education, Career and Relationship are 3 common crucial aspects of our lives that can be either mapped out or NOT in our life time.

1,Education: Just from a younger age, most of us knows exactly what we want to be when we grow up. Some choose and change their mind as they grow up. Some are clueless and either go with what’s trending or have the decision made for them. Does this affect who we are as we become adults?

I would claim that, knowing what career part to go into for the future can help a long way. This applies, when you are certain about it and then work towards it. There is no doubt you are already better than that person who haven’t made up their mind or the one without a clue. Focus and determination can only be your weapon to success.

In other way, don’t panic when you haven’t figure it out yet, some times it takes time. When the sun finally rises for you, make sure you make the most of it.

2, Career: Now, this can apply after you finish your education. And you are working towards that ambitions/dream you always had as a child. But then you find out how wobbly and difficult the part is. If you had a plane B, then it is advisable to look at it because some times, your second choice might turn out to be the best one for you.

People who finally find out what exactly they want at this stage always have the upper hand. The adrenaline of something new is still hot and flowing in their vain. They know what they are in for, which is usually their plan B or even C. They clueless ones might be jumping from one job to another or stuck in a job they hate.

3, Relationship: Now, this is the hardest of them all. Most of us are go getters when it comes to career but find it difficult to find the right relationship or one they deserve. This is beyond us sometimes. Most times, when you find that perfect person, it turns out they have a flaw. But yet, as an individual they also have their own goals for relationship which is different to yours.

I would also say this is the one stage that is beyond us humans most of the time. As a planner, you might want to get married before a certain age. But even when you have a partner and got everything figured out, nature still prevail for some reason.

Again, some times the opposite happens. You meet and get married under 6 months or even less, all out of your plans in life for that particular period.

I still believe you should plan to a certain extent. Know what works for you and what doesn’t. From my opinion, career is the easier of them all. Once you know what you want, go for it right away if possible, even after marriage, never give up, even at 50.

Finally, these 3 points does not go in a chronological form. Some times it can starts from the last point, which is Relationship. Then either education or career follows. This decision is up to you and maybe your parents.

What works for you? Are you happy with a planned out life or do you let mother nature take its cause?



Written by: Noellin Imoh-Griffiths

Noellin Imoh-Griffiths


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